Of My Father, A Broken Window & A Juvenile Bride

Some people freeze when they see danger, others run away but I walk right into it. I am the kind of person who will be robbed at knife point and still run after the said thief without thinking that for a moment the idiot could just end my life with the very same knife. I … Continue reading Of My Father, A Broken Window & A Juvenile Bride


When The Sun Rises

Outside, a car door slammed and the persistent hooting of the matatus could be heard. From his bed, the sky transformed into a vast expanse of beautiful majestic rays that engulfed the town. The faint wind from outside brushed against his skin, leaving goose bumps on his bare arms. He pulled the thin blanket tighter … Continue reading When The Sun Rises

A Time To Love (Chapter 6)

The stench of desperation hang all around me. My baby was gone and I literally had nothing left. My fiance who I had trusted more than my own family, had betrayed me in the worst way a person can be betrayed. How do you just up and leave the woman you pledged to honor and … Continue reading A Time To Love (Chapter 6)

Before I Die

To My Children, The Fruits Of My Womb, You’ve always wondered what became of me and why I had to leave you so soon. And I know that one of you has finally dug into my collection and fished out this letter. Let me start by saying that you are the best gifts God gave … Continue reading Before I Die