Before I Die

To My Children, The Fruits Of My Womb, You’ve always wondered what became of me and why I had to leave you so soon. And I know that one of you has finally dug into my collection and fished out this letter. Let me start by saying that you are the best gifts God gave … Continue reading Before I Die

Scars From Yesterday

I looked at my mother trying to fix me a cup of white coffee. Her fingers trembled and she crashed on the seat and gave out a loud sigh before turning and giving me that fake smile she had always given me. I call it fake because no matter how much she tried to hide … Continue reading Scars From Yesterday

Of Winnie Nelson Mandela And Why I Will Not Marry

Winnie Nelson Mandela. Yeap, that’s me. My father in his infinite wisdom found it best to give me three names that were in no way related to any of his ancestors. And not just any names, big names. I bet I must have been an awesome baby. Or my father was too drunk as usual … Continue reading Of Winnie Nelson Mandela And Why I Will Not Marry