A Time To Love (Chapter 6)

The stench of desperation hang all around me. My baby was gone and I literally had nothing left. My fiance who I had trusted more than my own family, had betrayed me in the worst way a person can be betrayed. How do you just up and leave the woman you pledged to honor and … Continue reading A Time To Love (Chapter 6)


A Time To Love (Chapter 5)

I stood at the gate knocking but no one seemed to hear or they simply didn’t care. It had been three hours since Josephine kicked me out of her house. My poor baby had cried until he had had enough. The house was all silent except for a few times when the doors banged. I … Continue reading A Time To Love (Chapter 5)

A Time To Love (Chapter 4)

If Michael had ever regretted anything, it was leaving Judith. His heart was heavy and the image of Judith could not leave his mind. For a moment there, he felt like a villain in a movie. His whole life’s chapter played right before him. Nobody deserved to go through what he had made Judith go … Continue reading A Time To Love (Chapter 4)

A Time To Love (Chapter 3)

I looked back to see if I could catch a glimpse of Michael from a distance waving at us to stop, but there was nothing. All I could hear were hushed tones as passengers on the bus discussed amongst themselves the events of the day. Somebody shot a glance at my direction from time to … Continue reading A Time To Love (Chapter 3)