Born a Crime: Stories From a South African Childhood By Trevor Noah

Born a Crime: Stories From a South African Childhood By Trevor Noah

Set in the apartheid South Africa this dramatic, hilarious yet deeply affecting story will leave you intrigued.

Trevor’s life to comedian and hosting The Daily Show as it turns out started with a criminal act; his birth. At a time when interracial relationships could guarantee you five years imprisonment, he was born to a Xhosa mother and a Swiss father. Due to this, Trevor was kept indoors throughout most his childhood being protected from the prying eyes of the government that could take him away anytime.

A break would come towards the end of apartheid when Trevor and his mother set out to embrace life in a normal way living openly and grabbing on opportunities that came their way.

Born A Crime is a story of a mischievous young man struggling to make something of himself in a world where he was not supposed to exist in the first place. It is a story of fearlessness, rebellion and a strictly religious mother who will do anything to ensure that her son is liberated from the cycles of poverty, abuse and violence that she knows will threaten his life.

The eighteen stories from a South African childhood encompass drama and humor. Whether from being thrown out of a moving car to eating caterpillars for dinner, or just simply trying to survive the awkwardness of high school dating, Trevor captures this world in this unforgettable manuscript.

His story depicts a young boy who will do anything to survive a dangerous world he was born into with nothing but his wit and a mother’s unconditional love.


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