The Pearl That Broke Its Shell

The Pearl That Broke Its Shell By Nadia Hashimi "Educate a woman and you will have educated an entire generation" or so they say. An intriguing story of powerlessness, freedom and the desire to control one's fate. Set in Kabul, Afghanistan in 2007, at a time when women have no voice and their destiny is … Continue reading The Pearl That Broke Its Shell


Dear 20-Something Girls

Don’t just date because everyone around you is dating Don’t date because you feel like time is not on your side Don’t date because you want to fit in with your friends Don’t date because everyone thinks than you can never be serious with your life Date because you have found a man, a real … Continue reading Dear 20-Something Girls

A Time To Love (Chapter 6)

The stench of desperation hang all around me. My baby was gone and I literally had nothing left. My fiance who I had trusted more than my own family, had betrayed me in the worst way a person can be betrayed. How do you just up and leave the woman you pledged to honor and … Continue reading A Time To Love (Chapter 6)

Alibaba Group Founder, Jack Ma Will Be In Kenya

Perhaps one of the biggest names in the entrepreneurial landscape, the Alibaba founder’s road to success like most of us was not easy. Having faced failures countless times, it became his biggest motivator to keep going and finally succeed. “If you don’t give up, you still have a chance. Giving up is the greatest failure,” … Continue reading Alibaba Group Founder, Jack Ma Will Be In Kenya