Forget What They Say – It’s Time To Redefine Yourself

“Life Isn’t About Finding Yourself. Life Is About Creating Yourself.” —George Bernard Shaw

I love writing short stories but once in a while I like touching base on what people fear to hear – hitting the nail right on the head you could say so. Because it is only when our short comings are pointed out to us that we can truly find ourselves.

Today I want to talk about redefining yourself. What are these things or circumstances or people holding you back from being the person you were meant to be?

Up to now, I wonder how many of us are living our lives not because it’s who we want to be but because it’s who others think we should be.

You are probably where you are because society expects you to be who you are. Some of us have given up on dreams simply because we were told that we should be something else.

Some of us have gotten into relationships, not because it’s want we want but it’s what ‘our peers’ think we should do. There is nothing worse in this life like living in the shadows of someone else. Stop living another person life and choose your own path. Don’t be a victim of group wishful thinking.

Most of us, if not all define ourselves based on our past and we have those beliefs embedded so deeply in us that they have become a part of who we are. We are like carcasses of the people we are supposed to be.

The moment you let go of that past, those friends or groups that have been holding you back is the moment you redefine yourself.

The sad news is that only you can help redefine yourself. Only you can choose when to let go of those fears and failures and create a whole new person in you. Only you can chose when you want to become who you were born to be.

Think about that.

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