Of Soul Searching, Confused Dreams & Finally Finding My Passion

When I was dreaming about who I wanted to be in future, digital marketing had never crossed my mind. In fact I didn’t even know that there was a career called digital marketing. All I knew is that, having a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication and PR, my future was in PR and event management.

I even went ahead with my friend Benson Nduhiu and started an events management company. However, one phone call when I was being conferred my degree and one interview later, digital marketing became my thing.

Well my letter of appointment read, ‘Communications Officer.’ I knew I was to write content for one of the most visited job site in Kenya as well as manage their social media pages. After a few trainings on SEO, Keyword Reseach and learning that there are tools like Google Analytics, Google Trends, Search Console, Key Word Analyzer among others, I can comfortably say that a career in digital marketing became my calling.

I am a writer who enjoys writing short fiction stories but at the same time I do enjoy creating content for websites and seeing that traffic grow. With a team of just three people, we have managed to even beat some of the well know job sites in Kenya according to Alexa.

It all goes to show that you are a product of who you allow yourself to be.

I mean at one point during my entire primary and high school, I wanted to be a neuro-surgeon. I can tell you for sure that I have read all Ben Carson’s books at least five times. It was in me and I didn’t want to be nothing less. Then it was PR and now I can’t get enough of digital marketing.

It has allowed me to explore things I didn’t even know I was good at. For instance, I didn’t have a blog and I finally I realized that I needed one.

So it doesn’t matter where you are now. Don’t know where you want to be in life? Take it from me. Every situation is an opportunity to learn something. You never know where that risk you are willing to take may lead you.

Talk of enjoying and loving your work, I have done that and I can say that I finally found my passion. What’s yours?

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Written by Lillyanne Wamaitha


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