5 Tips On How To Make Money Blogging

When it comes to blogging there is still a lot that many people are yet to learn and embrace in this expansive industry. Blogging can be a way of utilizing your talents for those who enjoy writing as well as a source of income. Some bloggers work part time while others have abandoned other lines of careers to concentrate on blogging.

Why is this so? Well, if you must know, there is money in blogging. Some bloggers make six figures just by blogging alone but in order to reach this level of success, you need to know the know-how of how to make money blogging.

Here Is How You Make Money Blogging

1. Have a blog

This is not rocket science but if you are looking to make money blogging, you need to have a blog. If you don’t have a blog, don’t sweat about it. With YouTube and other informative websites nowadays, you can easily learn how to create your own blog and have it up and running in no time..

2. Generate Useful content

Once your blog is up and running, then it’s time to attract readers to visit it and you do this by creating useful content.

Let’s face it, no one is going to visit your blog if what you write about doesn’t interest them or meet a certain need. Blogs are supposed to either educate, entertain for instance you could write short stories  like I do or just give general advice on different aspects of life.

3. Connect with others on social media and other websites

As you continue to create good content that keep people coming back to your site, it’s time to expand your audience. Do your own research. For instance, on which social media platform are you likely to find your audience? If you write about business in this case, then Twitter and LinkedIn might be your ideal places.

Get other bloggers to know about your blog, by commenting and following other sites. This way you create networks who will come in handy in future.

4. Make your platform strong enough

Once you have started blogging about whatever topic interests you, then it’s time to expound that knowledge. Do more research and keep getting better at it. This way you keep people coming back because your content is authentic and up to date.

5. Choose your source of income

Once you have created good content and have a good number of visitors to your site, it’s time to think about where you want your income to come from. Bloggers basically make money through advertisements and the more adverts visitors click the more the money that comes in.

You could register with Google Ads which is the most common way bloggers make money. You could also register as an affiliate for big websites like Amazon and get them to advertise their products through you which brings in more revenue than Google Ads.

This is because Google Ads come from different sources hence visitors are not likely to click on all adverts. However, products being sold online especially by Amazon are likely to get people clicking more.

When it’s comes to getting the hang of how to make money blogging, there is need to understand who your audience will be and the kind of content you want to share before getting a blog up and running. As you have seen, there is so much potential in the blogging industry that people are yet to exploit.

Written by Lillyanne Gathoni 


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