A Time To Love (Chapter 4)

If Michael had ever regretted anything, it was leaving Judith. His heart was heavy and the image of Judith could not leave his mind. For a moment there, he felt like a villain in a movie. His whole life’s chapter played right before him. Nobody deserved to go through what he had made Judith go … Continue reading A Time To Love (Chapter 4)


The Tears Of A Rose

Lisa quickened her pace as the rain clouds began to gather in the sky. Just a while back, the sky had been post card perfect with the sun shining brightly. The blue beautiful majestic colors of the sky were now darkened into a gravel grey. Strong winds blew threatening to tear down anything on their … Continue reading The Tears Of A Rose

A Time To Love (Chapter 3)

I looked back to see if I could catch a glimpse of Michael from a distance waving at us to stop, but there was nothing. All I could hear were hushed tones as passengers on the bus discussed amongst themselves the events of the day. Somebody shot a glance at my direction from time to … Continue reading A Time To Love (Chapter 3)

A Time To Love (Chapter 2)

I looked at Ronald one more time as the bus wound its way from the bus station. There was hatred or remorse in his eyes - it was hard to tell. He looked so helpless like a wounded baby rhino and for a moment there my heart went out to him. But then again, all … Continue reading A Time To Love (Chapter 2)