A Time To Love

I knew what I had done as soon as the door closed. This was it. I had made my choice and was prepared to live with the consequences. The late evening was beautiful in its borderless flow of masculinity. The vast seemingly empty sky with a few feathers of cloud here and there stretched out … Continue reading A Time To Love

Paying The Dues

It all started like a normal day for me. Business meetings, as usual, meeting up friends here and there and dropping off my lovely wife at her place of work. So many times I had offered to buy this woman her own car but she was always as stubborn as a mule. The village mentality … Continue reading Paying The Dues

One Final Bow

Lucy looked out the window of her bedroom. The window overlooked the only park in the small town. At the center was a beautiful lake surrounded by lilies. Ducks and swans waded freely in the water. Grand old trees graced the beautiful landscape and from her window, she could see the top of the municipal … Continue reading One Final Bow